No walks

Heavy Weather (album)
Heavy Weather (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been some time since I went out walking, especially on a Sunday morning. There are two reasons for that, one, I have been so tired at times that all I wanted to do was rest. Two, the weather has been awful with high winds blowing and heavy rain accompanying. Who wants to go out in such weather when they don’t have to? Last Sunday I arose just as E was about to drive off to one of her outings, events held by various commercial enterprises promoting their wares where she often secures samples for the group she belongs to. Their group run competitions with the samples as prizes and give the money collected to charity. It meant that she would be out for most of the day and I would be home alone. I sometimes think I should get involved in some similar group though not necessarily of the same type but I am not really that interested. I didn’t take a shower when I arose but decided to go for a run on the treadmill instead. I have been using the treadmill more often lately because of the poor weather. Once I had finished my exercising I had breakfast whilst cooling off. I was then able to take a shower in the wet room before returning upstairs to get dressed. It is great to be able to wander around the house semi-naked without the worry of other people being there. Not that I am in the habit of lounging about semi-naked at home but there is no hurry to get dressed for any particular reason. There are things to do around the house at the moment, not least of all continuing with the bedroom but these things don’t get done on a Sunday. Sundays can get rather boring if I don’t find something to occupy myself with so that usually means reading, watching television but most of all going for walks……..sadly the weather is still lousy so no walks for the time being. Not long to wait until Spring arrives and then I will get more opportunities, the temperature is already on the rise.

Shirley Anne