Rolling along

English: Four 1 (single) pole circuit breakers...
Four 1 (single) pole circuit breakers fitted in a meter box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting having my evening meal on Sunday and had almost finished when i received a phone call from a lady living a half-mile away and for whom I had worked twice previously. She told me that she had lost power to her lighting circuits and cooker but that all her power outlets were still working. I didn’t think it sounded like an emergency as she did have some power but I decided to drive there anyway. As is usually the case in many homes she had to empty out the space to enable me to get at the distribution board. I don’t know why people do that but it is often the case that they do. As I was removing the front cover in order to check all the connections the lights suddenly came on. Obviously there was a loose connection of some sort and I discovered that it was the connection between the main switch live conductor and the bus-bar it supplies. That meant all the circuit breakers connected to the bus-bar would be without a supply. I tightened the terminal screw and all was fine. I went back on Monday morning to find out why her fridge wasn’t working and discovered it was switched off!
I had no other work scheduled for the day and indeed for the week at that point so I donned a pair of overalls and did some repair work on the bedroom ceiling and then I patched up the walls where I had channelled in the power cables to the outlets I had installed a week or so ago. E did a little painting. Progress is slow but rolling along in the right direction at least. In a couple of days time we hope to get the ceiling painted and some of the walls as well as nailing down all loose floorboards, though one or two will be screwed down where access to cabling might be required some time in the future in order to make lifting them easy.

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This week I have my van serviced and an MOT test done, in fact today, Thursday, so I won’t be doing electrical jobs for anyone but maybe I will be working at home instead.

Shirley Anne