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What a difference colour makes! A paint swatch of maisonettes in Bishops Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It shouldn’t be too difficult to decide which colour of paint to use for the bedroom walls but E and I just cannot make up our minds. On Wednesday we went to see what was available in the retail park stores and even saw sample shades that can be mixed by the computer-controlled mixing equipment but ended up just purchasing the paint for the ceiling. The ceiling, which at the moment is painted white, will be painted with another shade of white called ‘Victorian Lace’ and can be done immediately. We are thinking of leaving the painting of the walls until the furniture is fitted so that we will have a better idea which colour to use. One problem though is that we wish to paint the walls where the wardrobes are to be fitted because the wardrobes will not be fitted with rear panelling; so we may paint a dark colour there to match the colour of the furniture instead. As it happens the furniture will be delivered a week in advance of its construction which will give us the opportunity to get the colour right. Decisions, decisions, life is full of them isn’t it? You might think by now that E and I would be well versed in decision-making considering all the home projects we have undertaken over the years and you would be right. My line of work requires decision making all of the time! However it is the small decisions we all have to make from time to time that are often the more important for getting things right. Deciding to refurbish a bedroom as we are doing starts off with the idea of refurbishing the room in the first place, the easiest decision of all. Next comes functionality, what will be needed in the room and where to put it, for example the power outlets and how to accommodate them into the wiring system. Design of furniture and placing of it, colours, fabrics, lighting, all these things need consideration and thought. When we really take a look at what is involved in any project a lot of decision-making has to be done throughout the work. Decision making is a part of everyone’s life, something we cannot avoid even if we wanted to.

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