Top of the hill

I had to get up early on Thursday morning in order to take my van to the service depot for its annual MOT test and at the same time give it a birthday present in the form of a full service too. As the odometer only read 26747 miles it hadn’t really been in need of a major service, the last one was when the odometer read something like 15000 miles I suppose but I thought it best to have one done. It is a diesel-engined vehicle and as you can see the mileage is low. I have had it since new and I bought it in 2008 so you can see my annual mileage is low at around 3200 miles. I therefore expected it to pass the test which thankfully it did. I had to get it to the service depot which is around 1.3 miles away, before 8.30. E followed five minutes after and picked me up to return home. I’d eaten breakfast but she hadn’t so I sat with her over a coffee whilst she ate. I made the decision to begin painting the bedroom ceiling and freeze with the partially used container of paint, the same colour we used when redecorating the kitchen a couple of months ago, ‘Victorian Lace’ which is best described as dusty white, a little like mushroom perhaps. You can just about see the colour on the area nearest the windows. ( By the way the magnolia on the walls will be changed when we get the paint to suit the furniture.)Bedroom 4We had bought another container of it the day before for we knew what we had wouldn’t be enough for the job. I managed to cover probably just over a third of the area before the opened container was empty. As I write this late in the afternoon I am not sure if the new full container will be enough to complete the area and we may have to purchase another. Here are some more pictures. Bedroom 3Bedroom 2Bedroom 1During my stint up and down the ladder I received a couple of phone calls, one from somebody seeking my electrical skills and one from the service depot. The electrical work was scheduled for the following Wednesday. The service manager told me that the van had failed the test but the minor problems could be easily dealt with and he continued to say that on the previous test last year that they had cured one of the problems very easily so there was nothing to worry about. I had to interrupt him by telling him that this was my first visit to his depot for an MOT test. He then realised that he had called the wrong customer! He apologised and said he would call later regarding my vehicle, which is what he did ten minutes later to inform me that my van had passed the test but that they were proceeding with the servicing and would call again when it was done. He would have saved himself the embarrassment had he spoken to me using my name but he made the assumption I was the one he wanted to speak with. Anyway he called back less than an hour later to tell me the van was ready for collection. It was 11.30 and E drove me there to collect it and make payment. I had just finished painting what I could with the opened container which was now empty as I didn’t want to open the new container so near to lunchtime and knowing I had to go out anyway. The timing had been perfect. So that was another of the tasks before me which has been sorted. I feel as though I am at the top of the hill now ready to go down the other side. I only wish the leaking roof would be sorted soon but nothing has happened so far and we are waiting for our roofing guy to make a move. I left off finishing the ceiling for another day.

Shirley Anne