Time is never my own

English: Royal Palace of El Pardo. Painting in...
Royal Palace of El Pardo. Painting in ceiling. El Pardo, Madrid, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being able to work at my age is a blessing; many folk my age have retired already and some sadly are unable to work because of health or other reasons. I consider it therefore a privilege if you like that I am still fit enough for work, which I suppose is just as well because I like it, it keeps me occupied, it is always productive and I get paid to boot if the work is for somebody else! I started this past week with almost nothing in the way of electrical work but as the week passed that changed though  I was unable to work for anyone else on Thursday morning at least because my van was off the road being serviced and having its annual test. Strangely enough nobody at all called me on Thursday aside from the service depot telling me my van was ready for collection. I was able to do some work at home, painting the bedroom ceiling. E went out to Manchester with a couple of friends early on Friday morning and because I had no electrical work I was in no hurry to get out of bed but did so anyway just as she had left the house around 8.40. I had just about finished getting dressed when someone called me to ask if I could connect her cooker to its supply switch. I got there thirty minutes later and did the work but as it wasn’t as straightforward as it might have been it took me that bit longer to do. I got back home around 10.30 and decided to eat the breakfast I had missed and then get on with painting the ceiling. I must say at this point that it isn’t just the ceiling which is being painted but a deep freeze beneath it too and because both the ceiling and the walls are covered with an embossed paper and the fact that a brush is being used rather than a roller it takes far more time to do. Filling in all the spaces in the embossed paper would be far more difficult using a roller. Fortunately though it isn’t as involved as the picture above! It would be around 11.00 when I went upstairs into the bedroom but I didn’t start painting right away, I moved all the unnecessary paraphernalia out of the room first such as the rolled-up carpet underlay and other things. I had donned a pair of overalls and had just started to paint when someone else called me to help them with a garage circuit problem. I put the paint and brush away and drove there in my overalls. I don’t usually wear overalls for doing my electrical work unless it is absolutely necessary when I get to the job. The house was a mere three-quarters of a mile away and the work didn’t take me long to do before I was off again home. This time I was determined to do what I could do in the bedroom before it got too dark. I don’t like painting under artificial light because sometimes it is difficult making sure I don’t miss places. I spent about two hours at most before deciding I’d had enough for one day. I put everything away until the next day. Fortunately the next day was Saturday, a day I don’t do electrical work for anyone unless it is an emergency so I knew I would have several hours at my disposal do finish off the painting, plenty of time without interruption from anyone.

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