Four calls

English: All calls with trunking
All calls with trunking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout Monday I received but four phone calls asking me to do some electrical jobs. However I accepted none of them for they were either too large, too far away for the job to be cost-effective or asking me to repair specialist equipment in hairdressing establishments and houses. I hadn’t any work at all to do on Monday and only one job in the pipeline at that time which was scheduled for Wednesday. I was contacted about that job and was asked if I could reschedule the work for the following Wednesday instead. Very little work could be done on the bedroom project except applying the top coat of gloss paint to the woodwork but E wouldn’t hear of it as she wants to do that work herself; she has after all done all the preparation and undercoating of the woodwork so is entitled to have first choice. The only other work left to do besides perhaps changing the radiator control valve which requires a drain-down or partial drain-down of the system in order to do it, is screwing down the loose floorboards. That will only take an hour at most so as far as the project is concerned for me it is finished until the furniture has been constructed in a few week’s time. The weather has been wet and windy, though not as bad as it has been in the south of the country but nevertheless not nice for working outside. There are one or two jobs I would like to get done in the garden before the onset of Spring, pruning back some of the trees and digging out a few plants or resiting them. The weather is too poor at the moment so I have to wait. Things haven’t worked out as I had planned last year in one or two areas and had they done so I would have something to do in my at-home spare time, things like the outside toilet project which as yet has not really been started. The only thing preventing that work from getting underway is having a new opening for a door to be knocked out and an original doorway blocked up. That work could have been done in the Summer had E’s nephew found the time to do it for us. Maybe this year it will get done if all goes well and of course we have the funds to do it. At this moment all I want is four calls for work which I am happy to undertake. I have the rest of the week for it to happen!

Shirley Anne