What a difference a day makes!

Market day in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. T...
Market day in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. Thursday has been market day in Ormskirk since at least 1292. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, I know, it’s the title of an old song but Wednesday proved to be a totally different day and hopefully a sign of things to come. It was bright and sunny, so much so I was able to get into the garden to work. The early morning was cloudy but the sun was trying to break through as I drove eastward over to Ormskirk to do one small electrical job. On my return home less than an hour later it was already sunny. E wasn’t yet dressed though she’d eaten breakfast so I decided to make the most of the sunshine and finish off cutting the branches I had removed from the apple trees the previous day. I put on my overalls and boots and went into the garden. Once I had finished that work I pruned some of the lower branches and twigs from the trees standing in ‘the mound’ (see last year’s posts), most of which are damson/plum trees.129 Finally I dug out two of the plants in the flowerbed next to the patio and disposed of them. I am not sure of the names of the plants but  they were very difficult to maintain in that they grew in an unruly way and needed too much support to keep them standing upright. You can see them in this picture; they are the tall plants with purple flowers standing next to the wall on the left of the wall’s butress taken last summer.Pathway 2 I prefer plants which are strong enough to stand upright all by themselves, at least once they have matured. Unfortunately they were very popular with the bees and provided months of supplies of nectar. We will have to consider replacing them with other flowering shrubs to keep the bees happy. For a while the sun shone on the patio but it was low in the sky and in the breeze it was too uncomfortable to sit there. Snowdrops are flourishing and the tulips and bluebells are well on their way towards flowering later. I was tempted to stay out in the garden for longer but chose to return indoors instead as it was quite cold in the wind. My next plan is to set up the electric wood chipper we have and chop up all the branches which we will use to cover the soil in the flowerbeds or to replenish areas where we have it laid already. Nothing goes to waste except for things too small to go into the chipping machine. According to the weather forecast we are in for a few dryer days for a change. It has been wet and very windy too long.

Shirley Anne