She did it again

Schematic diagrams of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Schematic diagrams of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E has an aptitude for winning competitions having won so many prizes she has lost count. Many of those prizes have been high value items such as a holiday for four in the Caribbean, a weekend break for two in Vienna with two concerts thrown in, televisions, cameras, king sized beds, computer tablets and phones and many other items too numerous to mention. She does however spend a lot of time on her computer on-line which is a bit of a drawback but she evidently enjoys it anyway. On Thursday afternoon we had a surprise visit from our eldest son and his four year-old daughter. E would normally have gone out shopping around the time they had called but she was in no hurry. Soon afterwards the front doorbell rang and it was a parcel delivery. She had won another Android phone together with an Android tablet which incorporates a projector. How things have developed in recent times. Impressive as these things are for some people they hold no such fascination for me, that is I have no use for them; the ones I own get minimal use. Anyway the four of us ended up in the cellar hallway where the walls, although exposed brick, are painted in satin white emulsion and one is large enough to test the projector. We played a video on YouTube, a song our granddaughter wanted to listen to and she stood there in awe while it played. I was impressed by the quality of the projection too I have to admit. It is amazing that such a bright light can be produced by a portable device but of course it is only because of LED technology that these things are possible. I remember seeing my first ultra-bright LED component more than twenty-five years ago when I was using them in the construction of electronic devices of one sort or another. It is only within the last five years that LED technology has really taken off. E will use her new-found tablet when it is her turn to run her group’s quiz, then she can project questions and pictures onto a wall instead of having to produce them on paper. In that respect I think the device is well worth having. I don’t know how she wins so many things. Now she tells me she is trying to win another bed so that we won’t have to buy one for the bedroom refurbishment! I said it would be nice to win one provided it met our preferences but I doubt even she could win one to order!

Shirley Anne