Sunshine and flowers

Garden with some tulips and narcissus
Garden with some tulips and narcissus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday was a nice day, sunny at times though cloudy for much of the time but it was cold. I had awoken around four in the morning after only three and a half hours of sleep and found it difficult to fall back to sleep for an hour but I did. The alarm woke me up before seven and the darkness of night was beginning to slip away as the eastern sky brightened. I still needed the bedroom light switched on though. I am looking forward to it being light when I get up and seeing the sun shining into the room for the first time in the year but it will be a few weeks yet before that happens. I had to travel to a house a little over three miles away to do one small job before returning home again. The sun was now shining and as I drove I began to notice Springtime flowers in the gardens along the way, just as we have ourselves at home. Officially Spring is about five weeks away but try telling the flowers that! The weather has been admittedly unusual to say the least and with such a warmer season than normal many plants and flowers have bloomed earlier than they would have done. On my return home I found E ready to continue her painting of the bedroom woodwork but as it was so close to noon I didn’t bother to look for something to do. As I sat down to begin writing this I received a call from an elderly gentleman asking if I would help him to operate his washing machine. I explained that it was not a service I usually provide but then he told me that his wife suffered with dementia and that he was desperate for help to sort out why the washing machine wasn’t working as it should. I offered to drive the nine miles to render help. I asked E if she had finished her painting and she told me she had so I asked her if she would like to come with me. She might have been familiar with the washing machine controls and although I didn’t need her help I thought I’d give her the opportunity anyway. When I told her about the man’s dilemma she voiced her sympathy so I knew she would only be too glad to help. There was one problem though. After the man had told me their address I forgot it! I should have written it down but I omitted to do so and I couldn’t phone back because he had called me on a private number, that is his number had been hidden. We drove to the little township anyway and to the address I thought he had said but it wasn’t. We decided to wait for him to call again but by an hour after his original call he didn’t. We went to a local pub and had lunch and when we returned to the van he called soon after. We had not been far from his house so we were there in minutes. After checking the washing machine E showed him how to set the controls and it appeared to be working but I noticed that the drum wasn’t rotating. Either the drive belt had snapped, the motor itself was faulty or the switch controlling it was at fault. The only solution was to call a washing machine engineer to investigate. A long time ago I would have been able to fix the machine as it had been a part of my normal workload working for my employer. This machine however had been built into the kitchen units so tightly it will be very difficult to get it out to work on it and I am glad I won’t have to do it! The journey wasn’t wasted though for he asked me if I could install a new power outlet and to replace an existing single unit for a twin fitting. I decided to do the work immediately and had them both done inside an hour. E sat and chatted with the couple whilst I got on with the job. It paid for our lunch with an extra-large bonus thrown in! Everything was coming up roses and the sun continued to shine. After a short detour to a local electrical supplier for some boxes we drove off home.

Shirley Anne


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