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Every machine requires some form of continuously applied energy in order for it to keep operating. Once that energy is depleted the machine stops. If subsequently the machine is left idle for too long it may not restart so easily, some machines will seize up if left too long. I was thinking about this as I took a mid-morning walk on Sunday. The weather was fine and sunny though the biting north wind let me know it was still winter nevertheless. As I set out from home I usually walk in a northerly direction most of the time so that wind was in my face. The only consolation was the fact that it wasn’t a strong wind. There were few people about even though it was after nine-thirty but I guess many folk would be taking it easy indoors. As I approached the town centre there were more people out in the streets and some were in the bars having breakfast. I saw nobody taking any form of useful exercise, those walking about were doing so at a snail’s pace but there was a cyclist or two in racing garb doing some serious peddling. I was walking toward the beach front where the wind was more noticeable but as by now

Mature woman power walking in residential environs
Mature woman power walking in residential environs

I was walking in a southerly direction it was at my back. By this time I was feeling quite warm for I had been putting some effort into my stride, power walking if you like. A young girl passed me by as she jogged in the same direction but by the time she had reached the far end of the sea front where pedestrians have either to cross the road and continue inland or take to the beach itself I was only a hundred metres or so behind her. Considering the distance we had both travelled and the fact I was probably fifty years her senior, I think I did remarkably well. Had I been running I suppose I might have even kept pace with her for a short time at least. It has been years since I did any outdoor running though I do cover some miles on my treadmill occasionally. At seventy years of age I am of the opinion that exercise is of great benefit but too much is probably not good. As I ‘power walked’ along the sea front a middle-aged man was running in the opposite direction and as he passed I could see the pained look on his face. It was as though he was enduring his exercise rather than enjoying it. Now I know that running is hard work but I also know that it is a pleasurable thing to do. I really enjoyed every minute of it whether it be cold, wet and windy or nice and sunny. Perhaps this guy’s pained expression was his way of letting us know that he was really enjoying his run. One great thing about taking exercise is that I don’t have to watch the calories so much, exercise burns them off. I therefore eat well so that my machine will keep on running and not seize up!

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