Left with the cats

English: A motion detector attached to a garag...
A motion detector attached to a garage.

I went to a job on Wednesday morning that had been rescheduled from the previous Wednesday because the people were at work that day. I arrived on time and was shown all the little jobs that needed attention, a few more than I had been told about over the phone. The husband drove off to work and had left his wife to show me around. Once she had done that she too drove off to work and left me to do the work with only the two cats for company. It seems neither the husband or wife could get time off this week either but it didn’t matter though I did have to get in touch with the lady a couple of times to report my findings and for her to tell me how I should proceed. This is why I prefer somebody to be in attendance whenever I am working for them. As it happened I was able to do everything asked of me but I needed a tiny amount of plaster to fill in the holes where I had removed a couple of wall lights but found I hadn’t any with me. On a recent trip to the retail store to buy some paint for our bedroom project I had purchased some plaster but had forgotten to put it in the van! I keep it inside the hidden compartment beneath the passenger seat for it remains cool there even during the summer. I asked E if she would bring it to me as the house was only three miles from home. I filled in the holes and then we drove home for lunch. Soon after lunch E went to her mom’s house and then together to visit her sister whose birthday it was that day. Meanwhile I sat down with a coffee to relax but an elderly lady called to ask if I could find out why an outside light was permanently lit. Her house is only a mile and a half away so it was no problem to pop round. I poured my coffee down the sink and drove off. I found the light switched on as she had told me but for it to be lit there had to be a switch controlling it of course. It wasn’t the type which was controlled by a motion detector, it was simply a lamp inside its container. Even so the light still needed a manually operated switch for isolation purposes. Try as I might I could not locate a switch anywhere and the lady was of no help as she was so elderly she kept forgetting what I was asking her. I must have spent at least a half-hour trying to locate the switch but to no avail. I ended up just removing the lamp until the switch could be located. I had proposed installing an extra switch in the circuit, not the ideal solution but it would give a means to be able to switch the light off. The existing switch ought to be located. Whilst I was looking at the wiring to the light on the wall outside I noticed another cable nearby which seemed to be supplying a power outlet in a small extension to the kitchen. That cable was damaged and looked as though it was severely burned and ready to short-circuit. I suggested it be repaired as soon as possible or it might result in a loss of power to other outlets on the same circuit, probably those in the kitchen. I was trying to explain all of this to the lady and offered to return the next day to sort things out when her daughter arrived. Her daughter I have to say had an attitude problem and seemed a little annoyed that I was even there! Sometimes you just can’t win. I explained the reason for my being there and what action should be taken. I had spent an hour there but didn’t levy a charge. I doubt I will return considering the daughters attitude.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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