Wore him out

English: "The Dedusting Pump", later...
“The Dedusting Pump”, later known as vacuum cleaner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I forgive you for perhaps thinking that I was referring to a romp under the bed sheets but no, those sorts of things have long since been a part of my life. Sex holds no interest for me now so I suppose you could say that I am asexual. I had an amazingly good night’s sleep on Wednesday through to Thursday and although I woke at around seven I nodded off again, waking up at twenty minutes past ten! Obviously I had no work scheduled so I was in no hurry to get out of bed but nevertheless I did of course. E had been up and about for a couple of hours and greeted me with a sarcastic ‘good afternoon’ though it was only eleven-thirty. Although she was up she hadn’t dressed or even had her shower. When I came downstairs I was wearing a pair of overalls  because I wanted to dig out the seven gooseberry bushes I have kept promising myself to do for several weeks. They are the ones I had planted in front of the large greenhouse in this picture below taken a few years ago.38 I put on my boots and went into the garden whilst E returned upstairs to shower and dress. There was no point in having breakfast so I just got on with the work. I placed the bushes into individual plastic bags which was a little difficult to do because of their size. Even though I as wearing protective clothing and gloves the plants still managed to prick me with those sharp thorns. I had them all bagged and stored in the front driveway hopefully to be collected by E’s nephew to take to his mom who had asked for them. We still have seven bushes planted in the area between the patio and the second garage: I have no plans to remove them. So I returned indoors and decided I would take ‘Robbie’ upstairs to give him a workout! I had prepared the bedroom for his arrival and set him in motion. Robbie is of course our robot vacuum cleaner! Shame on you for thinking otherwise. I closed the door and let him get on with it. In the meantime I had taken an ordinary cleaner upstairs at E’s request and did a spot of manual cleaning before going downstairs for lunch. Just as I had finished I received a call asking if I would help with an electrical job. I left Robbie running and went to do the work. E was going out too in order to do the weekly shopping. I finished the work but before driving home I drove to the service station where I’d had my van serviced recently because I wanted them to check for a suspected oil leak. I had seen oil on the board I park it over at home, a board I placed there for that reason. I was told that there wasn’t a problem but I suspect they wouldn’t have told me that they had not tightened up the oil filter properly. So I drove away with peace of mind. When I got home I went to my bedroom and saw poor Robbie standing there exhausted with his batteries fully drained. I replaced all the furniture I had moved to allow the whole area to be accessible for Robbie. I took him downstairs and gave him a thorough clean-up before returning him to his docking station to recharge his batteries.

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