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Thank God For Nurses and self-timers.
Thank God For Nurses and self-timers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hanging baskets in Thornbury, South Gloucester...
Hanging baskets in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a bit of a wasted journey on Friday morning. I had been asked to call at the home of an elderly man by an elderly woman known to him who was calling on behalf of his daughter. The man has nurses visiting him because of issues concerning his health and I was asked to visit at ten-thirty when the nurse would be present as evidently he would not be able to answer the door. The problem as I had been told was that the power outlets in the utility room were faulty. When I arrived the nurse was a little surprised at my being there but when I explained she told me that whenever she or the daily help tried to use the washing machine it caused the power to switch off. I checked the outlets but found they were working normally. Obviously the machine was at fault and not the outlets. My involvement was at an end and I left: in any case I would not have been able to stay as the nurse told me that paramedics were about to call to take the man to hospital and the house would be locked. I returned home and a little while later the man’s daughter phoned and I explained the situation to her. I told her that I do not repair washing machines but that the outlets were seemingly in order. It was still only eleven thirty so E and I went into the garden to do some work for an hour or so. She planted some bulbs and flowers in part of the flower bed I had cleared when I removed the gooseberry bushes the day before. Meanwhile I re-potted the grape-vine which is in the greenhouse and cleared away all dead growth. I removed a few old dead plants from their pots and planted a few pot-bound clusters of growing bulbs into the flower beds. Once I start work in the garden it invariably leads me to do other things I hadn’t intended to do. I ended up clearing the remains of the overgrown strawberry plants on the raised bed between the greenhouses and the areas surrounding it. I suggested to E that we might remove the strawberry plants altogether as they tend to grow everywhere. We might grow them in hanging baskets instead which will be easier and might keep them free from garden pests like woodlice which find the fruit delicious. I proceeded to clean out the small room inside the garage where E keeps her car which had become filled with builders waste when we had the rear wall rebuilt a few weeks ago. The builders had used the room in which to store their cement mixer and materials overnight. It was time for lunch once I had done all the work and I went indoors but E stayed out a little while longer as she wanted to plant some bulbs elsewhere. It would be a few more days before we could work in the garden again if we were to believe the weather forecast, rain, rain and more rain until Monday.

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