Half done

The scaffolding company arrived at nine-thirty as they had planned. They stayed for two and a half hours and had to leave but they returned two hours later for an hour and a half, four hours in total. However they would have to return on Friday morning they said so that they could erect the scaffolding at the second position on the other side of the house. This is what they have erected so far (Thursday evening)….pics 1162

A little less scaffolding than that which we had there in 2010. That scaffolding continued over the garage in this picture and then along the whole front of the house. It seems a lot of steel work for a leaking roof doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is necessary. What you see here is around 12 metres in height. The second position will be at the opposite side of the house to the left in this picture and should span the whole side of the house to the same height over the other garage. I will attach a picture in another post. I had arisen early and decided to clean out that garage of unwanted items such as the many large plant pots of various sizes. I put those into the small greenhouse with those already in there. We have so many pots we could open a gardening centre! The other items like mowers, wheelbarrows and furniture only needed to be stored properly to be out-of-the-way and of course the floor got swept too. For scaffolding to be erected on the garage roof there has to be a support beneath the roof and that was the main reason for my tidying up the place. As I write this in the evening the house is empty as E has gone to see her mom and I am waiting to take the cake I am baking out of the oven. I had prepared a scone mixture and had baked them an hour ago. The cake is a rich butter cake with desiccated coconut and a drop of vanilla essence in it. E doesn’t like coconut but asked if I would bake some scones for her to eat instead. She didn’t want a cake. How could anyone not want cake?

Shirley Anne