All done at last

pics 1164I am only referring to the building of the scaffolding and not the actual work it gives access to. At the time of writing that work hasn’t started of course but maybe as you read this it is well under way. To be quite honest I am tired of the upheaval and all I want is some respite. The work is essential though for the weather is best kept outside of the house rather than inside it! Fixing holes in the roof where the rain gets in quite literally. It is mid-afternoon on Friday and I am waiting for the guys to tell me that their job is completed. E has just gone out to see her mom and together they will go into town if her mom is up to it. She is in her late eighties and hasn’t been enjoying the best of health lately. This morning before the men arrived at eight-thirty I went into the garage to move a lighting cable out of harm’s way so that supports could be placed under the wooden joists as the scaffolding would be built on top of it. The previous day I had mentioned that we had two ‘Accro’ adjustable steel supports in the other garage which they could use if required. One of the guys collected them and it was then we saw that in fact we had three of them. However none of them were in perfect condition, though all they needed was to be lubricated and two of them have bolts fitted. They chose to return to base to collect theirs but while they were gone I carried out the maintenance on the supports making them as good as new! I think they were rather surprised at 1163 Anyway throughout the afternoon all I could hear was the constant banging and clashing together of steel as the scaffolding was being erected but there was no escape. I had insisted they not place under-roof supports where I park my van overnight as they otherwise would have. The van’s insurance cover would be invalidated in the event the van was broken into or stolen because it wasn’t in my garage overnight. Sometimes I wonder why contractors assume they can please themselves in some of the decisions they make. The two pictures are of the same section of scaffolding, one being taken at the front of the house at that side and the other at the rear.

Shirley Anne