A waste of time

Once gone it can never be replaced; time that is. I had some of my time wasted on Monday. I had arranged to look over a job in a small township about ten miles distant. Essentially the lady wanted her electrical supply panel replacing with a modern one; a simple thing to do in itself but there are other things to consider as well. The installation would need an inspection and some tests carried out on it else the new circuit breakers and RCDs might trip out immediately after installation. I did a quick look around to see what else needed doing and discovered an out-building supplied with an unprotected flexible cable plugged into a socket in her new kitchen. Both of those things contravene regulations in themselves.

Power to the people!
Power to the people!

The out-building would need a new supply fed from source, some distance away. An earthing conductor/cable had been connected in the kitchen but hadn’t been run to the mains supply either. The gas meter required earthing by the same method as it too was remote from the electrical supply. The simple job had now become far larger and she hinted that other work would be needed elsewhere as well. I apologised and told her that amount of work was more than I would normally take on but offered to get someone else to do it for her, a female electrician friend of mine. She agreed so I phoned my friend who will now be taking on the work instead. The journey therefore was from my point of view, a waste of my time. It didn’t matter, it happens from time to time. I had the morning to myself but just before lunch I was asked to look at a lighting problem for a guy for whom I had previously worked, three miles from home. He had damaged a semi-recessed lighting unit in his bathroom when trying to replace the lamp. The damage was unrepairable and therefore would need replacing. On my inspection I found that the light was an unsuitable and possibly dangerous unit to be installed in a bathroom, especially as in this case it could be reached from the floor. There were four units and all would have to be replaced with a type suitable for use in a bathroom if he wanted me to do the work. I got the impression that he was reluctant to spend the money having told me he had been surfing the Internet looking for inexpensive replacements, unfortunately of the wrong type. He asked if he could call me again once he had sourced what was required from one of our local electrical suppliers.Clock Another waste of my time but he did call after lunch telling me he would let me know when he had received the new fittings as they had to be ordered in. In a way therefore it wasn’t a total waste of time. as long as he employs me to do the work. I told E that if any more calls came in that day I was determined to put off doing anything until the next day. Earlier I made a call to the company who will be installing our new bedroom furniture and was told that the materials would be delivered this Friday (4th) and the following Tuesday (8th) the joiner would arrive to start the work. It should be completed therefore by the end of next week. As I write this on Monday afternoon I have just completed screwing down some of the floorboards in the bedroom which were loose under foot. I am waiting for E’s nephew to call as he will be looking at what wants to be done regarding the roof repairs now that the scaffolding is fully erected. I have the feeling he won’t make it as the light is beginning to fade. We have the scaffolding for four weeks but thereafter a levy of £75 will be charged for each extra week it is up. Hopefully everything will be done much sooner than that but we are dependent upon the weather.

Shirley Anne