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Physical bullying at school, as depicted in th...
Physical bullying at school, as depicted in the film Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a restless night I had on Wednesday-Thursday! I had gone to bed around 10.30 and woke at 1.30 and again at 4.00 for toilet visits. On the second visit I was so restless I ended up washing clothes! I had been dreaming about a bully doing what bullies do and this one had been taunting and annoying me: I was a youngster in the dream. In real life I was bullied quite a lot (in my pages above) but in this dream I’d had enough and I challenged the bully. He was always trying to goad me into fighting with him but this time I turned, grabbed one of his hands which was clenched and twisted it with all my might until he had to give up in submission. He didn’t bother me again, at least in the dream! I returned to bed and fell asleep, not wakening until just before 8 o’clock. I had no work scheduled and nothing to do at home that could be done. After breakfast I played guitar and went for a walk but on my treadmill as I wanted to be available should anyone want my services. Nobody did. Just before lunch E’s nephew called and he climbed the scaffolding tower to inspect the roof. He climbed the other scaffolding tower to inspect the other end of the roof too and talked about what needed to be done. ‘At last’, I thought but progress is slow and going nowhere fast. I shouldn’t complain, I know it will all get sorted in the end. Earlier in the day I received a call from the company who will be installing the bedroom furniture. They will deliver the materials on Friday (two days ago) but will not now be able to begin the work until this coming Thursday instead of Tuesday. Two steps forward and one step back. E went out to do the shopping and I decided to spend the time baking a rich fruit cake. Rich Fruit Cake 3 Mar 16I should have known there would be a setback as nothing seems to be simply going forward. I had the mixture ready to receive the eggs but guess what? I only had one egg! I was not using the recommended number of eggs which would be eight of the standard size but I intended to use only four though of a large size. I called my neighbour to see if she had any eggs but alas she hadn’t any either. I put everything aside until E returned later knowing she would have bought eggs. I invited my neighbour round for a coffee and a chat. E didn’t return until almost six o’clock at which time I finished the cake mixture and hurriedly put the cake in the oven. It would take four and a half hours to bake as it required a fairly low oven temperature (300 F or 155 C) but as the oven is fan assisted the temperature was set even lower at 140 C. It would be almost eleven o’clock before the cake was baked. You cannot hurry the process, a bit like the work around the house at the moment!

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