All quiet again on the home front….until

My erratic sleep patterns of late though getting me out of bed during the night to do crazy things like washing clothes (see previous posts) have not interfered with the quality of my sleep. I arise refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It is of no consolation therefore that I find myself with little to do. No electrical work yesterday (Thursday) and none today (Friday as I write). One of the first things I did when I went downstairs was to brush the rich fruit cake I had baked the previous evening with whisky. I wanted to use rum but we hadn’t any and I didn’t want to use brandy (actually Cognac) as I had used the last time. The alcohol preserves the cake whilst imparting a distinct flavour and aroma which I think improves the taste too. I spent the rest of the morning doing meaningless things, trivial things, just to pass away the time. We were expecting the delivery of the materials for constructing the bedroom furniture and had been given a time anywhere between noon and seven in the evening. E wasn’t feeling well on Friday, suffering with the symptoms of a cold but she wanted a couple of letters posting at a specific post box and she wanted to know the details of collection times as provided on the post box. She does this on behalf of The Post Office so they can keep a check on their operations. She is paid in kind for the work, receiving free postage stamps both for the work and for herself. Anyway she couldn’t go out and asked me to post them whilst noting down the time I posted them and the details on the post box. She would then log the information which would be sent to The Post Office later. It was around 3.30 when I returned home and I was wondering when the materials would be delivered not wanting it to be too late in the day. We never seem to get early deliveries of anything. Just then I got a call from the delivery men informing me that they were about an hour and a half away. At least I knew then when to expect them.Materials Well they arrived an hour later and it took the two of them an hour to unload the vehicle and bring everything inside and upstairs but I could see they were tired. We offered refreshments but only one took advantage. I gave them each a tip when they had finished for they had earned it! Although the pile of material doesn’t look much in the picture I can assure you it is more than it looks and is very heavy. Each item had to be carried from the street, across the driveway and then up twenty-six steps before reaching the bedroom, 141 items I was told. We now wait until Thursday for the work to begin.

Shirley Anne