108I remember when we used to get snow during late November. The reason for that is I seem to remember it snowing on my birthday on the 21st. Since those far off days I have seen less and less snow at all, even in December when it was almost guaranteed to snow. For some time now it has been possible to gamble on whether snow will fall on Christmas Day as it seems unlikely with each successive year. It was Friday hereabouts when we saw the first snowfall of the Winter; rather late in the season I have to add. Snow in March has been a possibility for quite some time though we expect the weather to become increasingly milder at this time of year. For many parts of the country and especially in the north there has been a substantial amount of snowfall in the last couple of days as the easterly winds take charge. As I look out of the window (Saturday afternoon) there is no evidence of snow anywhere but I live on the west coast where little or no snow falls anyway these days. Although it did snow on Friday it was a quick shower which soon turned to sleet and then only rain, nothing stuck on the ground. A few miles inland however and the scenery was much different. There have been a couple of heavy snowfalls here in recent years but even then it soon cleared away. I suppose we are fortunate living here on the coast where it seldom snows. The prevailing winds are westerly, straight off the Irish Sea which keeps the temperature above freezing point most of the time. It is only when the wind is from the north or the east that it gets very cold here. Snow you can keep for your picture post cards thank you very much. The picture shows what it was like here on March 2nd last year…….just a little frosty after a short snow shower……………’s not even that bad this year but anything can happen before Spring begins.

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