The week ahead

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon and am looking forward wondering what the week will bring. Tomorrow I have one electrical job which won’t last longer than an hour but thereafter I have nothing planned. That will probably change before long, it usually does. I know I will be at home all day long on Thursday because the guy who is building the bedroom furniture starts the work early in the morning. E will be doing the weekly shopping after lunch so I have to remain at home then anyway. The start of the work was put back from Tuesday which means it is unlikely to be finished by the weekend as we have been told it should take three to four days and I can’t see him working past Friday. We’ll see.28 I am hoping to see the roof repairs underway too for the weather is forecast to be reasonable. It is just that E’s nephew will be doing the work and he is quite laid back when it comes to working for us. It’s as though he can’t see the urgency in getting on with it whilst the weather holds good. I know that isn’t true because he does have a lot of work on his books. Builders are strange creatures who think nothing of having many jobs running concurrently. This practice is foreign to me for I have always concentrated on one job at a time. I have always worked alone and although I could have had more than one job on the go at a time I never did. E’s nephew does employ other men so he can have more than one job running at a time. The problem with that system is obvious, each job takes longer to do if employees are being moved from job to job. In the case of roof repairs it is imperative to get the work done quickly before the weather turns nasty. If I get more work during the week E will hopefully be able to stay at home unless she has doctor’s appointments in which case I will have to reschedule my work. It all depends I suppose on others and sometimes others let us down don’t they?

Shirley Anne