Out of sorts

New Colours
New Colours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was feeling a little out of sorts, under the weather, poorly, not at ny best, whichever way you describe it I was feeling a little unwell on Tuesday morning and didn’t want to do anything. As it happened I had nothing to do anyway but that only served to make me bored. E an I had talked about changing the colour of the walls in the hallways and stairwell from its present white to some pastel shade to match the purple carpet. I dug out a few pots of silk emulsion paint of different colours that we have stored away in the cellar and took them with brush in hand to the top of the house and painted some small areas on the wall to see which, if any, would be a suitable match but alas none seemed to fit the bill. My personal choice would be a very pale shade of lavender but E preferred something pink. We drove down to the retail park to see what colours could be had from the shelves but only one or two came near to what we were looking for. We picked up a few sample cards and returned home with them to check them against the carpet. A week or two ago we had made a similar trip to collect some sample cards for the bedroom project and on this second trip we picked one or two more. We have tentatively decided which colours we both like and might go for them. If we do decide to get them they will have to be mixed at the store unless we can find similar colours directly from the shelves. Having the paint mixed costs more and we would have to make sure we bought more than enough to do the job. It will be something to keep us occupied once the other work is completed. It has been many years since the stairwell and hallways were given a coat of paint so painting them will only be an improvement. Whilst we were out E dropped me off at the doctor’s surgery so I could ask them for a patient access form which will enable me to keep a check on my doctor’s appointments and subscription status once I register and then request to be put on the surgery computers so I can access my details on-line. Once we got home I was beginning to feel much better as I registered for the service with the details provided by the surgery.

Shirley Anne