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Weird Dreams
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I get myself into all sorts of places and situations……… my dreams! A few nights ago I had another of my weird dreams in which many unusual things happen. The first thing I remembered about the dream was being inside an attic room, no ordinary attic room, in fact it didn’t look like one at all. The room had a high ceiling and that made it difficult to see for the lighting was poor too. It seemed like the room was a lounge of some sort though it was dusty and dirty as you might expect up in an old attic. The furnishings, if you could call them by that name were many years old and appeared to date from the 1930 to 1940 era. It seemed they had never been cleaned since either. An old carpet lay on the floor and there appeared to be dark curtains hanging at one end of the room to obscure what lay behind them. There was a small kitchen dining table with chairs and an armchair in front of them. Beyond on the far wall behind was a door. The area in front of the door was well-lit. The door was slightly ajar and I could hear people talking. A man walked into the room which took me by surprise. It turned out he was the owner of a nightclub which for some unknown reason was attached to my house. I asked what he was doing in my attic and he apologised and left but other people had followed him into the attic and were making themselves at home. I ushered them out too. It was then that I noticed someone asleep under a blanket. I couldn’t make out if he was on a bed or a couch or even if he was on the floor but I nudged him several times to wake him up. As I was doing that E had popped her head into the room through the trap door in the floor beneath which was a stairway to the house below. The trap door was very small and it seemed the attic room had not been visited much from anyone in the house in the past for that reason. It explained why people using the nightclub felt they could meander about up there without interference. The person under the blanket was an old homeless man who had somehow found refuge up there but I told him to leave. As he revealed himself I saw that he had long pointed ears of the type you might imagine a goblin to have. His nose was long too and his face was covered in large pimples and bumps. He certainly looked like a goblin out of a fairytale. A mouse scurried from beneath the blanket toward E who to my complete surprise took hold of it and began to stroke it as you would a pet. I doubt she would do that in life. I scared it off and then disposed of it. The attic was now empty and I bolted the door which led to the nightclub so that no-one could use it again. That was the last thing I remembered from the dream as I awoke for the day.

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