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Coffee Break
Coffee Break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So then, late on Wednesday at around eight o’clock I received a call directly from the joiner who has been given the task of building our bedroom furniture by the company we have paid to have the work done. Here in the UK they are well-known and go by the name ‘Sharps’. They are noted for the installation of bespoke furniture but are quite expensive too. Anyway the guy called to say that he would like to arrive as early as possible and asked if he could arrive at seven forty-five in the morning. At that time I had no idea of where he was driving from but learned on the day that it was about seventy or eighty miles distant and that he wanted to avoid early morning traffic. It just meant I had to be up early but then I usually am anyway. He arrived at seven-thirty and was soon upstairs sorting out the materials and then brining in his array of tools. We left him pretty much to himself except when we delivered the many cups of coffee we supplied. I had asked him about his lunch break and what he wanted to do but he told me that he didn’t stop for lunch and preferred to work on through. I even offered him a meal or a snack but he politely refused anything. I understood for many a time I have preferred to work through without eating as it can slow down the work. Eating too much food makes one lethargic but I feel a little is beneficial. Everyone is different for I also know of workmen who religiously stop for a break in the morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon too! When I took another cup of coffee up to him around midday he told me he would like to continue working until six o’clock. I replied jokingly that he could work up until midnight if he so wished but not to expect a coffee late on as I would be in bed! The work is making good progress and already we can see things taking shape. E trotted off in the afternoon to do the weekly shopping whilst I stayed at home honing my coffee-making skills. I expected her to return just as he was leaving for the day. I must say that the guy was diligent and hard-working for he hadn’t stopped working during the ten hours he was here, except to drink his cup of coffee. This is the result so far….Bedroom  6Bedroom 5 At the moment of writing this on Thursday afternoon we have been informed that E’s nephew will be available next Wednesday to carry out the roof repairs, weather permitting of course. Thank goodness bedrooms are indoors.

Shirley Anne