Only two days

We were expecting the guy who was to build the bedroom furniture on Thursday morning and as you read in yesterday’s post he arrived on time and spent ten hours here. He returned on Friday morning and again put in a full day’s work, though this time just nine hours and that was it, the work was completed! Just nineteen hours over the two days. Here is the result of his hard work….Bedroom 7Bedroom 8Bedroom 9Bedroom 10Robbie had to get in on the action too as you can see in the last picture, Robbie being the robot vacuum cleaner. We had actually swept the floor and then vacuumed it with the ordinary mains-connected cleaner beforehand. Robbie was upstairs cleaning the carpet on the first floor landing but wandered in through the open door. There was little for him to pick up anyway on the wooden floorboards. We’ll let him have a session in there when the carpet is laid but that will be a few weeks away yet. E and I cleared away all the off-cuts of timber and panels left over from the work and there was plenty of that. There was even a pack of six or eight two-metre lengths of 50 x 25 mm timbers but I let the joiner have them by way of a thank-you for all his work as he wouldn’t have taken a tip. From what he had told me I think he will have been well-paid for his services by the furniture company employing him under contract anyway. We have enough timber in storage in the cellar already. Our next task in the room will be to fit a picture rail and paint the walls not covered by the furniture. My little job for Saturday was to fit the power outlets and the lighting switch in the boxes the joiner had so kindly fitted into the walls of the bedside cabinets which you can see in the first two pictures. I will have most probably exchanged the two power outlets above the low-level units with ones that have built-in USB chargers too.

Shirley Anne