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I had to get up reasonably early on Saturday morning as I wanted to pay a visit to the electrical supplier. Their opening time and closing time on Saturdays only provide a window of three and a half hours in which to make any purchases. Quite often business is low on a Saturday but occasionally it can be brisk as it was on this visit. I needed to purchase some materials for my van stock bearing in mind I might need them for a job early on Monday morning and also a couple of special power outlet sockets that have USB chargers in-built. These units are relatively new on the market but many people are now choosing to have one or two of them installed in their homes. They are ideal for use in charging the many mobile phones, tablets and computers people have these days. I wanted to install two of them in the bedroom we are refurbishing which will provide four USB ports. One is shown on the right in this picture, the other one is on the opposite side of the mirror.Bedroom 14 The other outlets in the room are of the standard variety. Because they are a relatively new innovation they are accordingly more expensive but will probably be less so as they become popular. I paid approximately £24 inclusive of taxes for two units as opposed to around £5 for two standard ones. I returned home just as E had finished her breakfast. After she had dressed we paid a visit to the timber merchant to purchase the wood for the picture rail we are going to install in the bedroom. Older houses especially are usually fitted with picture rails if their ceilings are high. They are used less for hanging pictures from and more for esthetics nowadays as they help to minimise the appearance of high walls. The lower section of the wall can be of a contrasting colour to that of the top section to maximise the effect. Bedroom 12Bedroom 11Bedroom 13

We returned home with the wood before driving off again to purchase a curtain rail. When we returned we ate lunch and during the afternoon we installed the new outlets in the bedroom to replace the two we had installed temporarily each side of the mirror. We also fitted new outlets and a lighting switch in the boxes the joiner had fitted for me in the new bedside cabinets and the accompanying lighting switch by the door. Now the main ceiling light can be switched by the door and also at the bedside. Finally we installed the new curtain rail in preparation for the curtains when we have them ready. There is still a little work to do in the room yet but we are finally going downhill on the other side after weeks of inactivity.

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