And then…

Yesterday E painted the timbers we had bought a few days ago with which to fit a picture rail in the bedroom we are refurbishing. She did that whilst I was away at work during the morning. In the afternoon we had dined out so no more work was done. Today, that is Tuesday as I write we decided to cut and fit the picture rail. Now for a joiner such a task should be fairly easy but for the likes of myself I knew it wouldn’t be that straightforward. I have fitted picture rails in the past on quite a few occasions and each time I was presented with one problem or another but I overcame them. I knew therefore that the work would get done eventually. Well the first section went up with no problems at all but when fitting the adjoining section at right angles to it we discovered that the angle was more than 90 degrees at that point. In fact it was nearer 94 degrees! That meant the mitre I had cut wouldn’t match with the other. I started again with a new piece of timber knowing that I could still use what I had removed. Anyway it was a struggle to cut the mitres even when I knew the correct angles. It was after I had struggled with the first section that E piped up that she thought she had a power saw somewhere in the house! Well I had never seen one but it appears she had purchased one some years ago when she was doing a carpentry course at college. She had stored it away and had forgotten where she had placed it. She hadn’t told me about it at the time either. She decided to look in a cupboard we have in the cellar room where the boiler is. It is a cupboard which has hardly ever been opened but I remember cleaning it out with a bleach solution to kill off some bugs we had found in there about ten years ago and storing various boxes on the shelves. Other materials had been stored in front of the cupboard so it was forgotten about. Guess what, there on one of the shelves was a power saw and here it is………….Power saw……It was a dream to use and we were then able to finish the rest of the installation much quicker

Bedroom 15

Bedroom 16












Whist I was packing everything away E started filling in the gaps with some wood filler ready for painting, probably the next day if things were to go to plan. It was a pity E didn’t tell me about the saw some years ago for it would have saved me an awful lot of time on the numerous occasions I had to cut timber for work I have done at home in recent years.

Shirley Anne