Taken by surprise

English: Walk-behind lawn mower
Walk-behind lawn mower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday morning E and I drove off to the retail park to buy emulsion paint and see if we could purchase a door handle that would match or near enough match the metal fittings in the room, the curtain rail, the (at that time not received) light fitting and of course the furniture hardware. The paint would have to be mixed in store as it was a colour only produced by the store’s computer controlled mixing equipment. Whilst E was having the paint mixed I went to collect the door handle. Why is it that door handles are only sold in pairs? Why would it be necessary to have the same handle on both sides of a door unless one wanted them all to be the same? It means that we now have a spare handle, paid for but not needed. It is the same with light bulbs which seldom are sold singly. We are forced to buy things we don’t really need. Okay, maybe the bulbs would get used at some point but a spare handle would likely not be used if it didn’t match the decor. I digress. As it was late in the morning when we drove to the retail park it was lunch time by the time we had returned home. After lunch I decided to sit out on the patio in the sunshine for a while but then returned indoors to get the key for the rear door of the garage where we keep the lawn mower. Yes, I was going to mow the lawn for the first time this year. A couple of my neighbours had already mowed their lawns but I hadn’t the time until Wednesday. It took some effort to get the mower running but finally it did and I got stuck into mowing the grass. It doesn’t take long to mow the lawn using the petrol mower, about twenty minutes but as I was walking along I saw someone moving about beneath the scaffolding. It was E’s nephew and his mate, they had arrived to begin the work of repairing the roof at that end of the house. The scaffolding had been erected two and a half weeks ago! At last the repairs were underway. I finished mowing and put the mower away. I had a little job to do in the bedroom, nothing much and had nothing else to do. Around four-thirty we received a message letting us know that the light fitting we had ordered was now in stock and ready for collection. E drove off to collect it whilst I stayed at home in case the guys might want to discuss any problems concerning the roof repairs.By the time E had returned they were about to leave for the day. I spent a short time assembling the new chandelier ready for fixing it to the ceiling the next day. The man in the shop had given E six tungsten lamps for the light but I was going to use led lamps instead.

Shirley Anne