A little bit more

My sleep patterns are all over the place of late. On Thursday I woke up late but on the following two days I woke up very early. Saturday morning whilst getting dressed I looked out of my bedroom window and noticed that the gutter at the front of the sloping roof beneath my windows was particularly full and in need of cleaning out. The lounge beneath my bedroom is larger than my bedroom and the small roof covers that extended part. You can see the bedroom, lounge and the lounge roof in this picture taken some years ago when we were having extensive work done on the property.My bedroom above the three rear lounge windows

The seven metre aluminium tower we have just about reaches the gutter, however, I made a tool, a long length of wood with a short piece of wood fixed at an angle which enables me to push debris along the gutter and then tip it out onto the ground below. I went downstairs to fetch it and reached out of the window and cleared the gutter. During the summer the tower is erected and I can clean out the gutter more thoroughly. Because this gutter is at a relatively lower height it gets filled with leaves and the moss which accumulates on that sloping roof. After breakfast I made the decision to drain and remove the radiator in the bedroom as I wanted to continue with the painting of the wall with the first coat of emulsion. E lent a hand and we soon had the radiator on the floor ready for when we paint it. I had to refit one of the top radiator brackets to the wall as it had become loose over the years. I decided I would fit a reflecting plate on the wall behind where the radiator is sited. This helps to reflect the heat back into the room instead of it heating up the wall. I drove off to purchase it. E was going out to her monthly meeting and I carried on with the work, fitting the bracket, the reflector and painting the walls. I did stop for a late lunch but worked on until late in the afternoon. E didn’t return home until early evening by which time I was having a snack. It would be a couple of days before I could find the time to do any more work at home.

Shirley Anne