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English: Excel Dry Cleaners - New Road Side
Excel Dry Cleaners – New Road Side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of days ago I wrote that it might be a couple of days before I could do any more work on the bedroom project. As I write this on Monday evening I think I was right however I did manage to spend an hour or two earlier. I had an electrical job to do during the morning and when I returned home I found that the guys had returned to continue work on the west end of the roof. I asked if the work had been done and they told me it had. They then inspected the eastern side of the roof to assess what work needed doing there and told me they would be back the next day to do it. Hopefully they will. By the time they had left it was lunchtime so I ate a light lunch and watched a little tv whilst doing so. After lunch I decided to give the walls in the bedroom another coat of paint which didn’t take too long as the total area of exposed wall below the new picture rail represents less than a third of what would be visible had the wardrobes and other furniture not been installed and of course one wall is more window than brick! When I had finished that part I started to paint the coving in the same colour as the lower part of the walls. A photo will be posted when that work is finished. In the meantime E had been out to collect the curtains for the room which we had left with the dry cleaners.

They need to have linings fitted to them as for some reason they have none at the moment. During the afternoon I received more requests for electrical work so for the next two days at least I will be busy doing those jobs at least during the mornings. I may not feel like working at home in the afternoons. The extra work will relieve the burden from my purse! I hope to have the time this weekend in which to relax. The weather we have been informed does not look promising for the weekend, rain and wind look set to spoil it.

Shirley Anne