Easing back a little

Ventil eines Heizkörpers
Worn radiator valve with thermostatic control head missing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been making good progress on the bedroom project and most of the work that remains and which we can do is finishing the painting. The radiator lies on the floor waiting to be painted but although it can now be fixed to the wall brackets it will remain disconnected from the pipework until I drain down the system. I will be replacing several radiator valves throughout the house which I hope to do in a few week’s time if all goes well. It is therefore not worth reconnecting the radiator until I replace all the radiator valves. Once the curtains have been lined they will be hung and then we can have a carpet laid or vice-versa. We will most probably get the carpet laid first. I have had electrical work this week which has kept me from working too much at home. This is a blessing in disguise for it gives me a chance to ease back and rest more. As I write this on Tuesday afternoon a couple of guys have just taken one of the televisions away for repair, it ceased working on Saturday and there is a guy walking about on the roof, some forty feet up (thirteen metres), cementing the ridge tiles. It is an excuse for my not carrying on with the painting of the coving which I had started yesterday. I have had to cater for his needs a few times already so it just isn’t worth doing the painting. E has taken her mom out for lunch otherwise I would be painting upstairs but there again it is a chance to take things easy for a change. I have more electrical work on Wednesday too. Fortunately the weather has been favourable for the roof repairs to be done though on Wednesday we were promised rain and my concern was that there would be enough time for it to set before it rained. I wouldn’t mind but the scaffolding has been up for three and a half weeks and for most of that time it has been dry. I wondered why our builder didn’t get on with it sooner. This time next week but hopefully earlier I am expecting the scaffolding to be dismantled and then we can get back to normal.

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