Frustrating morning

Tuesday morning was one of those times I wished I’d stayed in bed. I drove to the next township to rearrange some power circuits in a domestic garage but after I had made an assessment I had to decline the work for it entailed much more work that the customer realised and more than I was prepared to take one. Often people think nothing of adding extra power outlets to an already overloaded circuit because they lack the knowledge but sometimes circuits have been wired incorrectly in the first place. This was the case in this instance. First of all a separate supply was indicated and that would be easy in itself and then the garage circuits would have to be rewired. I passed the work on to another female electrician I know. The lady paid me a small amount to cover my time and fuel costs and I drove homeward a little disappointed at the waste of time. I drove to a glass merchant to ask about having a piece of toughened glass cut to shape from a drawing I had made but was told I would have to supply a full-sized template before they could do anything and even then it would be sent to a specialist manufacturer and be several days before it could be made. I got another call to disconnect power outlets in a house and make the wiring safe to enable building works to commence. I did that work and was paid enough to compensate for the earlier disappointment. On Saturday I bought a large television, one with a 65″ screen to replace the 42″ one which was faulty and unrepairable. The new set would not sit on my glass table as it is a few inches too short in width. The idea was to place another sheet of glass on top to gain the extra width. I gave up on the idea and thought I would make a suitable top using plywood but we only had a few of old sheets of plywood and only one of them was of a suitable thickness. However it looked like it had been used on a building site for mixing mortar upon! E and I drove off to buy a new piece of plywood but when we got to the merchant they were closed for lunch! We drove to another merchant who could only sell us a whole sheet, far too large for our requirements and they would have to deliver it because of its size. We drove home and had lunch. After lunch I decided to take another look at the plywood in the garage and there appeared to be enough clean wood to possibly make that table top. E joined me and we pulled it out and cut a piece from the sheet and took it into the cellar room we call the workshop. Workshop 2We cut it to shape and sanded it down and it came up like new. It was a shame that we were going to hide the grain with a black gloss paint as it would have looked really nice varnished but it had to match the existing black glass table. Having prepared the wood we gave one side a coat of primer/undercoat ready to receive a black gloss finish later. In a Workshop 1way I was glad I didn’t go for the glass option as a top or buy a new piece of plywood as the old plywood was more than suitable. Here is the piece of plywood with a white undercoat of paint on its underside.

StandHopefully it will be ready to place on top of the glass table before Sunday and I can take the little television back to my bedroom!

Television stand

Shirley Anne