Just a little bit

Shirley Anne 146Once in a while a day comes along where expectations are high but nothing much gets done. I had been expecting to work on an electrical job near to home but the call never materialised. I had been to look at the work the previous day with the prospect of doing it on Wednesday if the customers were ready but evidently they weren’t. Perhaps they will call later, perhaps they won’t, either way it doesn’t matter. Immediately after breakfast I drove to the retail park to buy a tin of black gloss paint with which to paint the plywood we had prepared the day before. The idea was to paint one side and give the paint plenty of time to dry so that we could then paint the other side as soon as possible. After the paint had dried we would have plenty of time to apply a second and final coat long before the plywood top would be needed on Sunday when the television to be placed upon it arrived. That was about all the work I could do that had to be done. Whilst cutting and painting the plywood it hadn’t escaped my notice that the workshop bench drastically needed tidying up so one the painting had been done I set about doing that. None of this work took long to do and I found myself at a loose end yet again. Filling and emptying the washing machine and subsequently hanging the washing on the line in the boiler room doesn’t really constitute heavy work though it had to be done. Soon it was lunchtime and I thought I might get a call requesting my services. Well I got two calls which came to nothing, one was too much for me and the other as it turned out didn’t require any electrician’s services. After lunch E went out with her mom and did some shopping and I was at home alone. Finally two guys came along to do a little more work on one of the chimney stacks before the scaffolding was taken down. I had thought all the work up there had been completed last week but it turned out not to be so. At least someone had work to do. I would be busier on Thursday morning away from home. Once the building works have been completed and the scaffolding removed E and I are thinking about renovating the fourth bedroom on the first floor, the smallest room which is used by my youngest son on his infrequent visits at the weekend. It needs the walls and the woodwork painting and a new carpet fitting. The hardest part of that job will be tidying up the room!

Shirley Anne