What now?

As I write this on Thursday afternoon the guys who were fixing the roof problems and the chimney stack, well one of the chimney stacks as there are three of them, have informed me that they have finished. I phoned the scaffolding company to let them know and the boss told me they would call tomorrow, Friday, to dismantle it and take it off site. At last I thought, I would have my house back but as I was putting the van in the garage I noticed one corner of the roof had been letting in water and the wooden roof is beginning to rot. The supporting joists don’t seem to be affected but part of the roof sheeting will have to be replaced and then the whole roof in that area will need resurfacing with bitumen. I think the real problem is where that bitumen sheeting meets the brick wall. Aside from that it also needs to come over the brick because at the moment it lies on top of it and out of sight from the driveway. Water has seeped beneath it and it has lifted the bitumen under the two stone blocks I placed there to hold it down some time ago. You can see them on the right-hand-side on top of the brick parapet in this picture taken recently.The leak is in the corner on the inside of the garage above and in front of the van.

pics 1164








Anyway that part isn’t the main problem as far as I can tell. I think the main leak is just on the other side of that parapet where it joins the side wall. It means I will need the services of Es nephew once again if he’ll do it. When will it all end? At least this work is at low-level and scaffolding won’t be needed. I could probably do the woodwork repair but I would still require a professional to do the bitumen sheet. Maybe I will need to employ both. Anyway as I write this I am expecting E’s nephew to call around to see it.

Shirley Anne