The clean up

I have worked as an electrician and also a maintenance engineer for almost fifty-four years. During my working life I have conscientiously cleaned up after myself except in instances where it wasn’t necessary because someone else was doing it. I have noticed throughout my career that certain ‘trades’ were more conscientious than others. I won’t divulge which for fear of upsetting someone but I will say that on the whole I found electricians to be the tidiest. Not all were though. When I have had people working in my own house, and that has been quite rare because I have tended to undertake most of the work myself. I have never been shy in attempting anything I felt I could do myself. It builds confidence in one’s ability apart from saving to pay others to do it. Naturally I have had to tidy up after myself at home unless E volunteered thereby enabling me to get more done. I always tidy up when working for someone else, I consider it a part of the job. On Friday I mentioned that we’d had a new carpet fitted and that I vacuum-cleaned it once the fitters had left. There is a prime example of others who don’t think tidying up is a part of their work even though it was they who had made the mess in the process of cutting and laying the carpet. On Saturday the team who were dismantling the remainder of the scaffolding returned and took away all their equipment to reveal the area covered in builder’s debris, mortar, broken bits of tiles and stones and sand all over the place. In the mixing of the mortar the builder had used a red dye and small pieces of it lay on the paths. They should have cleaned up the area¬† but it was left for me to do. As I swept the path pieces of the dye broke up and turned the water lying there to turn red. It was raining but not hard enough to wash it all away so I had to hose it myself. Patio Flowerbed 13It took a long time but finally you would never know the building work had taken place. Actually all the work was upon the roof so you wouldn’t notice anyway. The garden has been restored to what it was though the grass that was beneath the scaffolding’s footings (a plank) will take a few weeks to recover. Nature will take care of that.

Shirley Anne