All things new

It has been quite some years since I bought a new television but as the one I mainly use went faulty a week or two ago I had to buy a replacement. The old one was unrepairable and more than ten years old. So on Sunday we waited for the delivery of the new television for the front room lounge. It was to be delivered between 12.45 and 16.45 but in fact it arrived at 1.30 in our case most unusual for most of the time anything getting delivered here comes late! We hadn’t paid for the television to be ‘installed’ as that would have cost us an extra £35 but we did expect it to be unpacked and the packaging removed as explained by the salesman. The two guys dropped it off and wanted to leave immediately until we told them to take away the packaging. I signed for it and they left with the packaging. Assembly was very simple, all I needed to do was affix the two feet on which it stands then lift it on to the table and plug-in the mains and aerial leads. The most difficult task was to fit the batteries in the remote control and they wanted £35 to do it! Soon we had it connected to the Internet and checking the set’s features. It is a little larger than the one I had there temporarily for a few days and if you notice it stands on the wooden table top we had made earlier in the week as it’s feet would have been too far apart by 6″ to simply sit on the glass beneath it……..New TV 2

Just a little bit bigger…LOL. It has a 65″ screen whilst this little fellow has only a 22″ screen which is more than adequate for use in my bedroom where it is normally kept. I can remember when a screen that size was what many of us were used to having in our lounges. Funny how things change. The very first television my parents bought had only a 12″ screen!

Television stand

Shirley Anne