The only day

I had been wondering why I hadn’t any electrical job requests this past week but then I realised that children hereabouts are still enjoying their Easter break from school. Offers for work are usually less frequent at such times I have found. It isn’t that I didn’t get one or two requests but those I did get I didn’t want to do for one reason or another. It worked out well anyway as it meant I was available to do any work at home that needed doing. On Monday I had my six-monthly check-up at the dentist which meant I wasn’t available during the morning and in the afternoon I don’t think I would have wanted to work unless it suited me. I don’t much like starting work in the afternoon if I haven’t been working in the morning.Angels 001 On Monday afternoon E and I spent a little time out on the patio before the weather turned cooler and overcast. On Tuesday the weather had started wet and windy but soon after lunch it turned sunny and dry, though the wind was strong. I had to stay indoors as I was expecting the delivery of the replacement drawer part for the new bedroom furniture and it arrived just before lunchtime. We had noticed the drawer base had been damaged but the fitter hadn’t mentioned it. Perhaps he thought nothing of fitting a damaged part but I’ll give him the benefit of my doubt and say he hadn’t seen it. After lunch E had to take her mom to the optician and I still had to remain indoors awaiting the fitter to install the part. By the time he had done the work the day had turned cool and cloudy again so I was unable to spend any time out on the patio as I had wished. The only day we were to have it sunny enough to sit out in I was stuck indoors! Story of my life. I wouldn’t mind but the damaged part was replaced in thirty seconds and I could have done it myself it was so easy. However easy it was though my guarantee may have been compromised had I done the work and in any case I had paid for a quality product and I expected one so they had to fix it. Anyhow whilst I was waiting for the fitter I made some tentative steps toward clearing out the small bedroom which is used by my youngest son when he visits. There he is in the picture with his elder brother. Even at that age he had a mischievous look upon his face. Nothing has changed. It will take a few days to sort and stash his belongings, though I wish he would either throw them out or take them to his own property. I may insist he do so when next he visits. The room is quite frankly a mess and there is so much ‘junk’ it is difficult to see the floor in places! Typical boy’s room, well young man’s room, he is 31 years of age for crying out loud! Once the room is clear of personal possessions we have to remove the furniture which is free-standing and made of solid wood. We can then lift the carpet which is in dire need of replacing and get on with the painting, which is all it needs. I would probably be better off retiring from my electrical work as there is plenty I can occupy myself with at home. Not just yet though.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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