And so it begins again

For many years I have wanted to redecorate the smallest of the four bedrooms on the first floor of the house, the one my youngest son uses on his infrequent visits. Like most guys (maybe?) he tends to be untidy and this room became out-of-bounds for me when it came to cleaning it. I simply refused to do it because it was never kept tidy. It did get done however but not by me. The problem with my son is that he ‘collected’ things and left them lying about then after a while they ceased being used. When he left home he left it all in the room. Small bedroom 1Over the last couple of days (I write this on Wednesday) E and I have been sorting his stuff and placing it in boxes in the rooms above. Some things we have binned as it was obvious they were rubbish. The problem will be moving the furniture or some of it out of the room whilst we get on with the decorating. Some will have to remain in the room as there is nowhere else for it to go except out on the landing and that is impractical because of the lack of space. Small bedroom 2The room it could have occupied has just been renovated and I suppose we should have done this room first but we didn’t think of it. Thankfully the room only needs decorating and a new carpet laying so it shouldn’t take too long to do…….  Small bedroom 3

……and yes it definitely needs redecorating, the existing scheme doesn’t do it any justice! Although the existing carpet looks blue in the picture it is in fact a shade of purple but has faded over the years. Asking our son for his colour preferences he suggested charcoal for the carpet and pale grey walls with all the woodwork in white. I am not sure I would choose such colours for a bedroom myself though I have seen the scheme in other people’s homes and it does look good as it is simple and clean.

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