A little compensation

I had done no electrical work all week but on Friday I had one small job that would at least pay for my advertisement. It would also leave me with something extra too by way of compensation for not having had any work. I wasn’t bothered for it allowed me time at home to get on with my little projects. After lunch I went along to the electrical supplier to purchase a reel of cable and other things whilst E took her mom into town to have her new spectacle lenses fitted to her frames and do a little shopping whilst that was being done. I was back home an half hour later and looked so see what I could be getting on with in the small bedroom we are redecorating. The room is used by our youngest son and always was his room when he was a child. The colours in the room were more or less chosen by him. I asked him this time too what his preferences were. Now although we were happy to allow him his choice as a child I for one wouldn’t allow him to choose something I wasn’t happy with this time. However he has matured somewhat since then and he suggested grey as I wrote in the previous post. I decided the ceiling wanted painting but it had been painted with a textured vinyl paint last time which needed patching up in places beforehand. We had the same paint in storage in the cellar so I got it out and started painting over the whole ceiling with it. Because it is a paint it wouldn’t need overpainting afterwards which was a bonus but because the ceiling was pretty much clean it was difficult to see where I had just painted! I managed to do half the ceiling before I decided I’d had enough. I recall how it was the last time all those years ago with the problems associated with applying this textured paint. It tends to clog up the brush making the brush heavy in use so it has to be squeezed out every so often. As I wasn’t particularly painting to achieve a textured finish because it was that already and all I wanted to do was to fill in with it, I needed to thin out the paint with a little water which made it even more of a problem to use. It wanted to clog up the brush even more and wet my hand more in the process. I battled on nevertheless but still left the other half of the ceiling until the following day. I realise now that I don’t need to overpaint the ceiling at all which is good for I don’t much like painting ceilings at the best of times but someone has to do it. At the end of the day my greatest satisfaction is having done something constructive with my time at home instead of simply lounging about doing nothing. I might be a little like this fellow but I get things donefox-bat

Shirley Anne