A bit disappointing

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was very bright and sunny and the forecast was that it would be warm and sunny all day. However forecasts are never always that accurate are they? Soon after breakfast it became overcast and dull though during the day it did get brighter. The day turned out not too bad but I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as nice as I had expected. Sundays are my days of rest and at this time of year I like to be outdoors to enjoy them if I can, especially after my week’s work and domestic projects. I have been observing the changes in the garden as the trees begin to bud and the various flowers come into bloom as their time comes, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips each in turn becoming alive once more. Spring is a lovely time of year to be sure. I took this photo through an upstairs window so that the creamy-white blossom on the plum trees would have a darker background to make them easier to see….Plum tree blossom

Does this mean we are going to have a bumper crop again this year? Well only if the blossoms are pollinated. That shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of flying insects about capable of doing the job and those pesky few pigeons who seem to enjoy nibbling at them are kept at bay! We chase them off whenever we see them doing that. We mustn’t forget the wind plays a part too and we’ve had our fair share of that recently. Thankfully the wind was light on Sunday which made sitting out on the patio a little more pleasant. It will be lawn mower time again soon. I mowed the lawn a week or so ago for the first time this year but at this time of year it grows quickly. It will probably need its second cut by the end of this week and it will get it as long as the rain keeps away. Nah, I actually did it after writing this!

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