A schedule

English: Gentaur schedule
Gentaur schedule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we are to get things done by a certain time we need to have a schedule, a plan of operation which hopefully will run smoothly. Often we have to depend upon others who may let us down for whatever reason and then our plans go awry. All we can do is reschedule or adjust our plan. We have been fortunate with our little domestic projects and things have generally gone to plan. Currently we are redecorating one of the bedrooms and we have no-one else involved who might upset our schedule except for the person delivering the carpet and the fitter who will lay it. Aside from that we are expecting the delivery of a replacement mattress for the bed which won’t interfere with the work. Our responsibility is in the decorating itself so if the schedule is upset we will only have ourselves to blame. With this in mind we have given ourselves plenty of time to get the work finished long before the carpet is delivered and laid. The door has been cut and re-hung and the wood work has had its undercoat as I write this on Wednesday so all that remains to be done is to paint the walls a couple of times and give the wood work¬† its top coat of gloss paint. We have twelve days to do that. I have to fit a new ceiling light and door handles too but they won’t take long to do. Today, Wednesday as I write, E and I went out and bought the carpet, that is paid for it in advance, bought a new mattress and a ceiling light. Whilst we were out we bought two small bedside lamps for the bedroom we had finished refurbishing recently.¬† We also bought vinyl silk emulsion in grey (slate) and white gloss paint. We have to paint the walls with a white emulsion undercoat before we can paint them grey but we have plenty of white emulsion in storage at home. Hopefully I can now give my purse a rest for a while but as I am still considering the purchase of some artificial grass for the patio so that may have to wait.

Shirley Anne