At a pace

Settin' the Pace
Settin’ the Pace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have noticed how fast things are happening in the garden lately. We didn’t have much of a winter in that although it was cold it wasn’t as cold as it perhaps should have been, in fact it was warmer than expected. Now Spring is here the garden has sprung into life at quite a pace. This weekend, beginning on Friday, the weather turned cold again for a few days but I doubt it will have slowed things down. I have mowed the lawn twice and already it looks as though it will need cutting again soon. The problem, if it is a problem, is that I have been a little under pressure trying to get on with our bedroom projects whilst trying to find time to do a few things around the garden too. I have spent a little time in the greenhouse ‘potting on’ some plants and tending others. Having a garden is a nice thing but they do need attention else they revert to the wild and faster than you think. I am never really short of having something to do around this house of ours though sometimes I feel the pressure and simply want to take a break from it all. I keep telling myself I will take a holiday but never seem to get around to having one. Even finding a little time to sit out on the patio once in a while just now would be good but with the projects we have and the weather changes it isn’t always possible. Hopefully the bedroom we are currently working in will be finished soon, however I do have to find time to service our heating system. Many months ago I purchased a lot of radiator valves because so many in the house need replacing. I have to drain down the system to do that work and it will also give me the opportunity to install pipes to supply a towel rail/radiator in the wet room at the same time. Only a few days work and it can be done anytime before the system is needed later in the year fortunately. Knowing me though it will get done far sooner than that.

Shirley Anne