Sunny Saturday

Although the temperature had dropped a little it was pleasantly warm and sunny on Saturday for most of the day. I wanted to be out in the garden perhaps relaxing on the patio for a while and then working out there but I had to stay indoors instead. E had gone to her monthly meeting with her group after lunch and consequently did no work. My readers will know by now that she and I have been redecorating the small bedroom. I decided that the work must carry on as we only have eight days left before the carpet is laid. The painting of the walls has been my task though E has done part of it too. The original colours were blue and purple and we overpainted it with magnolia as we had plenty of that in storage. The final colour was to be grey and I completed the first coat by late afternoon.Small bedroom 6


Small bedroom 7

You either love the colour or you hate it and at first I wasn’t sure about the choice but now the first coat has been applied I am beginning to like it more and more. It has a mottled appearance as it was easier to apply the undercoat that way by hand. A roller could be used obviously but that would take many coats rather than the intended two. It looks darker than it actually is and is quite pale in colour under the new light I installed a couple of days ago. The room should be ready well in time before the carpet arrives.

Shirley Anne