Tulip time

Last Autumn, late Autumn in fact, E and I decided to use the two ‘chimney top‘ plant pots in which to plant some bulbs. A few years ago we converted these two tops, originally part of a chimney, by setting concrete in the narrow end thus making them into containers. We included a drain hole when we poured-in the concrete. For some time they housed the two Phoenix Canariensis trees we replanted in the patio flower bed I had constructed last September. E planted some snowdrop bulbs and some tulip bulbs in them. The tulips are now in bloom and although the snowdrop flowers have gone their foliage hasn’t. You can see the tulips in their pots in this picture and you can also see other tulips in the two pots on the steps up to the patio (beneath the archway).Tulip time

The other day E and I were out shopping and on the spur of the moment I bought a bird table (see previous post). We had temporarily placed it on the pathway but we had been thinking of placing it permanently on a natural stone slab set into the lawn. Well now I have done that and here it is….Bird Table 2

That slab of stone is almost a metre square and is around 6 cm thick! Gosh it was heavy work moving it. We had it standing against the rear wall of the house ever since we had dug out all the other stone slabs and rocks when digging out the mound (in the background in the picture above). There was an unbelievable amount of natural stone buried in that corner of the garden. See entries for June/July 2014 or search ‘mound’. Fortunately we possess a sturdy trolley that enabled it to be moved to the spot quite easily. Digging out the lawn was the most difficult part of the work! Once I had the hole dug out I manoeuvred the slab to the edge and let it drop into the space. A little filling-in of soil pressed underneath from the sides and then repairing the gaps with some of the grass sods and the job was done. I fixed the table/stand permanently by drilling two holes into the slab and screwing it down. It made a change from painting bedroom walls! The birds seem happy with it anyway as they are constantly using it.

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