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A collection of cans of paint and other relate...
A collection of cans of paint and other related materials. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I worked all morning on Monday installing an outdoor power unit and a floodlight for a lady living in the adjacent road to where my eldest son lives with his in-laws. I arrived back home in time for lunch and it was around two-fifteen when I decided to do a spot of painting in the bedroom whilst E sat and watched something on tv. I wanted to see what the final coat of paint would look like so I painted half of the wall in which the window is sited. It took me about fifteen minutes because the paint was very easy to apply. Whilst I had been painting the undercoat I found it very difficult because the paint seemed to drag over the surface rather than glide over it. That was the main reason I had to paint the wall the way I did when applying the grey undercoat over the paint we had used to blank out the original purple colour. In a previous post you can see how the paint was applied in circular motions (it looked like a patchwork quilt!) as that was the only way I could get it to come off the brush reasonably thickly. I suspect the two paints had been reluctant to adhere to one another in any way but very thinly. Anyway my test final coat glided on very easily because the previous coat was the same paint. Just as I had finished the test area E came upstairs and suggested we paint one of the walls, the largest one which faces the window, in a paler shade of grey than the other three walls. We needed another pot of the same grey colour anyway so off we went to the retail store and bought one of the same colour and one of a paler shade of grey. As it happened there was a special offer of £18 for any two pots bought, their normal price being £13.50 each if bought singly. Whilst I had been at work in the morning E had been busy painting too so it won’t take long before the room is finished, well in time for the carpet being laid on Monday.

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