Shades of grey

Two electrical jobs on Tuesday kept me away from home for most of the morning. When I got back home I discovered E had been working in the small bedroom and had almost painted the wall with the lighter shade of grey paint we had bought the previous afternoon. It is supposed to be a shade of grey but it has a tint of green in it unless my eyes are deceiving me…Small bedroom 8

Small bedroom 9

The difference between the two shades is evident, I think you’ll agree. After we had eaten lunch an hour or so later we returned to the room to apply the darker shade to the other three walls . We had that done in an hour but we thought they might need another coat later despite the number of coats we had applied already! Tuesday had been a wonderfully sunny day but the wind took the edge of it being pleasant enough to sit in, though we did give it a try for a short time. In the end E decided to take in the washing she had hung on the line hours before and return indoors whilst I gave the garden plants a thorough watering as we hadn’t had rain for some time. We planned to finish painting the walls on Wednesday though at the time of writing this on Tuesday the wood work has to have its final coat of white gloss paint applied too. We also plan to buy a wall mirror and of course curtains and the rail to hang them from but these purchases can be made later.

Shirley Anne