Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all? Why me of course! Well no-one else will say so. Joking apart, E and I have almost reached the finish line on this small project and to be honest I am glad it is almost done as I am a little sick of painting walls. It had to be done though, the room was a mess. Here are four pictures, the last I will post until the room has a carpet and is again filled with furniture, probably sometime next week. E and I dined out on Wednesday afternoon after doing a bit of painting in the morning and refitting the radiator to the wall. We had ordered the mirror you see in the first picture over the Internet and whilst we were waiting for notification of its arrival in the store we thought we would eat out as we hadn’t dined out for some time. After our meal we received the email notification and went directly to collect the mirror. It took me a few minutes to fit it and to clean and refit the power outlets and switches.

Small bedroom 12


Small bedroom 13


Small bedroom 14


Small bedroom 15

For those with keen eyesight, you may have noticed the retractable rule hanging from the right side of the window frame in the third picture. I had been measuring the window for when we buy the new curtains and had simply forgotten to remove the rule before I took the picture. We will be doing no more decorating now for a while. Even though we want to redecorate the stair wells and landings it is time for a change. The weather is improving every day and there is work to be done out in the gardens as well as taking time out and relaxing. Before that can happen I need to spend a few days changing radiator valves and installing a little pipework for a heater in the wet room once the heating system is off for the few months it will not be needed. It isn’t hard work and I can take my time doing it.

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