Waiting again

By the time you read this hopefully the carpet in the bedroom will have been laid as it was scheduled to be done on Monday morning. Saturday arrived and E and I wanted to fix the two pictures and the curtain hardware we had bought on Friday afternoon but first we paid a visit to the flooring specialist where we bought the carpets for the two bedrooms we have been refurbishing over the last couple of months. They sell artificial turf and for some time now we have wanted it laying on the patio. We saw the type we wanted and were quoted something like £525  but when we asked if they could fit it they declined. They gave us some poor excuse about the turf requiring a garden design company to do it. When I explained that it was a simple matter of cutting it to shape as they do with a carpet and we would see about adhering it to the concrete screed it made no difference. We left the store and they lost the sale. We decided to go elsewhere and found a local garden centre who could supply the lawn instead. Although they could supply the turf they didn’t provide a service to lay it but we bought it anyway and for £480 saving ourselves a little money in the process. I mentioned to E that we could ask the carpet fitter who would be laying the carpet on Monday if he would be prepared to cut the turf to shape for us when it arrives sometime later in a few day’s time. Naturally we would pay him for doing it. As I write this on Saturday it is too early to know. If all else fails I will do it myself but I’d rather a professional did it. I may have to bond it to the concrete myself even so.

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We drove home and had lunch and after lunch we fixed the pictures to the walls and the curtain hardware to the frame, finally hanging the curtains themselves and fitting the new door handle. The room was emptied of all the bits and pieces, paints and paraphernalia that accumulates when doing a job like refurbishing or redecorating a room. It would be Monday before anything else could be done in the room. Somehow I managed to find a little time to spend out in the garden whilst the sun still shone.

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