A lovely start to the day

I have been sleeping rather soundly of late and waking up fully refreshed because of the busy times I have been spending during the day. I had no scheduled electrical work at the beginning of the week but on Monday that had been a blessing as it turned out. With nothing to do on Tuesday I was prepared to find something at home that I could do instead. It was such a lovely morning but the northerly wind kept the temperature down. However that didn’t stop me from sitting out on the patio after breakfast with a cup of coffee soaking in the bright sunshine. Tulip timeWith my back to the wall I was pretty much out of the wind and all I could feel was the warmth of the sun. Incidentally the picture shows the patio at around 4 o’clock and not at 9.30 in the morning when the sun would be behind the camera in this shot. After a while I returned indoors just as E was coming downstairs for her breakfast. She asked if I would like another coffee and just as I was about to drink it I received a call requesting my electrical services. The job was in a house some fifteen or sixteen miles away but first I had to visit my electrical supplier for some goods. The work itself would only take me an hour or so under normal circumstances but at one point I had to wait whilst the builders she had employed had done their work. I was in no hurry so it didn’t matter and I spent the time chatting with the lady of the house who informed me that she fostered children. I found it difficult to chat with her for I couldn’t get a word in edgewise! She could talk! When I began the work all she did was talk and it was interfering with my concentration. If it wasn’t her speaking it was her dog who liked to bark a lot until she stepped in to quieten it. In situations like this I have to be very diplomatic of course but I usually say after a few minutes that I must get on with the work and they take the hint. It is always nice chatting to people who employ me but sometimes I think they forget why I am there in the first place! It was mid-afternoon before I could leave. It had been bright and sunny all day long until I was about five minutes from home when the heavens opened and there followed rain, sleet and hailstones. Two minutes later and it was as bright and sunny as ever with blue skies. The day ended as it had begun, bright and sunny with a little wind.

Shirley Anne