All against us

Medical X-rays
Medical X-rays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I feel like doing some work I find a reluctance to do so. The warm weather and various appointments haven’t helped either. So once again the small project gets shelved. Early on Friday morning E and I took a member of the family the twenty miles to the next town so he could conduct some business. He was incapacitated and was unable to drive himself. It was almost 1.45 by the time we returned home for lunch. At 3.45 E had an appointment at the hospital to have an X-ray picture taken of her knees on the advice of her doctor. Her left knee had been causing her problems for quite some time and it was painful for her whenever she knelt down. Her right knee had banged against a stair rail a few days ago when she tripped whilst climbing the last couple of steps leading to the top room we are redecorating, that is when we get around to it again! The fall was her own fault and not switching on the lights didn’t help. She asked if I could drive her to the hospital though she was able to do so herself. She did say that her back was aching and she needed to relax. That problem was probably caused by her bending down on her knees and digging out the weeds in the flowerbed. She uses a proper kneeling stool but I don’t think she realises that kneeling down and stretching to dig out weeds isn’t doing her back or indeed her knees any favours. She ought to use a hoe instead but she insists on doing it her way. So what with her aches, pains and injuries and the problems I have had this past week is it any wonder the redecorating has slowed down to a crawl? Now that the weather is turning warmer and sunnier it is going to be difficult to discipline ourselves and get the room finished. I still have to find the time to do other necessary jobs at home too.  Did I say we are looking forward to some rainy days?

Shirley Anne



Gradually but gradually

English: That's some Doctor's Surgery Local re...
That’s some Doctor’s Surgery Local residents really do go and see their GP in the church, part of which is now a Medical Centre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past few weeks the requests for my electrical services has dwindled somewhat which I suppose is a blessing in disguise. I have received requests though and have done the work but far less of it. This past week hasn’t been any different. Gradually I am becoming accustomed to doing less work for others and less work at home but I’ve got to do something. On Thursday morning I had a job to do locally and in the afternoon I couldn’t take on more work anyway as I had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery. I had been to see the doctor on Monday because I had a urinary tract infection but this time it was for a routine check-up with the nurse (sister). She wanted to review my ‘hrt’ situation. I knew what she was going to say before she spoke. She was going to suggest I reduce the level or take no more. She hadn’t realised that I am transgendered though the information was readily available at her fingertips. Had she checked she wouldn’t have mentioned it. Basically I have to take the hormones (hormone replacement or hrt) until I die, so there is no question regarding whether I should stop. I mentioned to her that back in October a doctor hadn’t checked either and had suggested I stop taking the medication until I told her why I was taking it in the first place. I am now wondering if at my next visit I will be asked the same question again. What can I say? She did however suggest that I be given a six month supply rather than the one month supply the last doctor had changed it to. Previously I received a three-month supply. Common sense has prevailed though I’ll have to wait and see if it will really happen! She measured my blood pressure a couple of times whilst I was there as they all do and nothing had changed, nothing to be concerned about all was in satisfactory order.
E went out shopping as usual on a Thursday afternoon. She buys in the week’s groceries and takes her mom along to do her shopping too. Earlier in the day and after I had returned home I did a little preparatory work up in the top room, not much but enough to allow the work to continue. Little has been done up there this past week for one reason or another but gradually we’ll get it finished.

Shirley Anne

Out for a stick

It wasn’t a warm day on Wednesday, cloudy throughout though remaining dry through the daylight hours. It was a day for staying indoors and getting some work done on our mini-project, redecorating the top room. However, that did not happen because I wanted to go shopping for a ‘stick’. A stick? A USB flash drive which many will know as a memory stick perhaps.

English: USB flash drive Deutsch: USB-Speicher...
USB flash drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed to back up the data on my computers and until recently my old 4GB stick held enough storage space to accommodate a back-up but only on my Windows 7 machine. It wouldn’t have enough free space to back-up my Windows 10 machine or even enough space if it was empty. I had attempted to back-up the Windows 7 machine but it failed through a lack of space. So I decided to go and purchase a larger capacity stick. I had kept promising myself I would get a stick with a higher capacity for over two years but never seemed to get around to doing it! Some weeks ago I had mentioned to E that I intended to purchase a replacement garden clock. The old one had ceased to work earlier in the year. Having a clock out in the garden is very handy when out there for any length of time perhaps doing some garden maintenance. We chose to position the old one on the back wall of the patio where it could be seen from almost anywhere in the garden. The new one would go in the same position. E was going to tag along of course but didn’t get dressed until very late in the morning. We finally left the house around 11.45 . First stopping to post her mail then we drove out-of-town to a garden centre about five miles north. A clock could be purchased there. Although there is a garden centre nearer to home E wanted to go to this one to take advantage of a free coffee and a discount on goods purchased. I just went with the flow. Soon we were driving back toward town and to the store where I could purchase a memory stick. I bought one with 128GB memory, more than enough for backing up both computers. Off we went again but into the town centre. E wanted to pay off her store credit card balance and I decided to purchase a couple of black knee-length skirts whilst in the store. By now it was approaching three o’clock and we went home for a late lunch.

Shirley Anne

Feeling better

I didn’t have to do any work in the top room and as the weather was so warm and sunny on Tuesday I didn’t. Well that was until three o’clock. I was feeling much better on the day, my aches and pains in my back had gone and the urinary infection was well under control. The sun shone almost all day long and both E and myself spent most of the day in the garden especially relaxing on the patio on the new furniture. We ate indoors however and returned outside afterward. E wanted to do some weeding out in the flowerbeds and she started doing that after lunch when for an hour or so the sky went dark as the clouds drifted by. I went indoors for something and the urge to go upstairs and do a little work got the better of me and I set about doing some minor repairs to the door frame (casing) and on the door itself. I began removing the lock because it wasn’t operating properly but it took me over half an hour to get it out of the door.  Door lock partsThe first problem was to remove the strike plate. On modern locks this is usually not very thick but this lock was an old one and the plate was about 4mm thick. Over the years the fixing screws had been filled-in and painted over and were difficult to locate. After I had removed the door knobs (they were actually knobs and not handles as shown in the diagram) I was able to remove the spindle allowing the lock to slide out of the door. It was so tight it wouldn’t budge but it wasn’t simply stuck with age, it had been filled-in with some wood filler. The lock was similar to the one shown but longer, that is it went deeper into the door. It had both the latch bolt and dead bolt fitted and the dead bolt had originally been operated with a key. The dead lock hadn’t been used for years, long before we moved in, and the keyholes had been filled with wood filler which had found its way into the lock itself through the keyholes. It effectively prevented the lock’s easy removal. I eventually dug out the filler and slowly withdrew the lock. I will be fitting a new one that is only fitted with a latch bolt as a dead bolt isn’t required. After I had done that work I carried out the repair to the casing by inserting a block of wood where the fitting of an old Yale lock above the other door lock had left a gap in the frame when I removed it months ago. Again, I had to fill-in the gaps with wood filler ready for sanding down and painting later. That all took an hour and a half and my need to do something in the room no matter how small had been satisfied. Sometimes these little tasks can hold the other work back. Now we can carry on with the decorating when the urge presents itself! Both E and I are reluctant to work indoors whilst the sun is shining. E had stayed outside removing weeds and had done quite a lot while I had been inside.

Shirley Anne

Lazy Monday

It’s not like me to avoid work but I have been so tired lately and at the time of writing this on Monday late afternoon I haven’t done any further work in the top room since Thursday. I had expected to do more on Monday but when Monday came I found I couldn’t. I’d been suffering with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection or Cystitis) since late on Saturday and had to pay a visit to the doctor on Monday morning and I had strained the muscles in my abdomen too. We had been expecting the delivery of our new garden furniture on Monday morning and it arrived whilst I was out. I didn’t return home until 9.30 and then E and I set about unpacking and assembling it. It took us two hours, almost until lunchtime. In these two pictures the parasol is not shown though if you look under the glass top of the table you might be able to see it stored away there. The set includes six reclining chairs, two footstools, a small table (in the lower picture) and of course the table and parasol.

Patio furniture 1

Patio furniture 2

I suggested we dine out for a change so that’s what we did. We drove to one of our preferred dining places some fifteen miles away arriving there at 2 o’clock so it was late in the afternoon by the time we got back home. E had beef steak, I chose sea bass. I should have chosen the beef for a change. The fish was as nice as ever but I didn’t like the risotto it was laid upon so much though I ate it anyway. I usually choose a fish dish these days and choose meat very infrequently. We each decided we would eat a dessert and we each selected a ‘Eton Mess’ but with different flavourings. It makes a change being waited upon and not having to wash the dishes afterward. Just as we neared the end of our meal a group of elderly people were leaving the restaurant and one of them came over to our table having thought to herself ‘I know that lady’. As she approached she asked if I remembered her. I told her that I remembered her face but couldn’t place where we had met. It turned out that I had done an electrical job in her house on exactly the same day last year (23 May 15). Now that was an amazing coincidence I thought.
E hasn’t been feeling too well either these past few days so she didn’t want to do any work at home. To be honest most of what needs to be done is all painting and it can be done in a few hours. We are not in too much of a hurry to finish the room but we won’t leave it long before we get stuck in again. By the time you are reading this we might already be working again. Sometimes you just have to stop for a while but I can’t stay lazy too long, it just isn’t me.

Shirley Anne

They come in threes?

Not for Threes
Not for Threes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Misfortunes never come singly as the proverb tell us. Another would say that they come in threes. I am inclined to believe that somehow. Over the last few days I have been suffering with muscular abdominal pain. On Sunday, after a couple of days, the pain subsided. In the morning E began to pull out bluebell stalks in the garden so that their seed pods would not fall to the ground and germinate next year and because there were so many of them I lended a hand. Soon afterward the pain returned and stayed with me for the remainder of the day. During the day I began to feel the need to visit the toilet more frequently until it was every ten minutes! Obviously I had a urinary infection.

Bacteriuria and pyuria demonstrated at urinary...
Bacteriuria and pyuria demonstrated at urinary microscopy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had this complaint about four times in my adult life and it isn’t nice. Strange at it may seem I usually get the symptoms over the weekend when the surgery is closed! I resigned myself to suffering until the morning when I could see the doctor and get some antibiotics but E remembered she had a day’s supply of an antibiotic for this specific type of infection. She hadn’t taken the full course when she had the same problem a couple of years ago. Hopefully they would still be usable so I took one. My symptoms started to subside. Now I know we should not take medications prescribed for others but I had checked out the description of the drug and its uses on the Internet beforehand. Well I suppose you are wondering what the third misfortune was. Fortunately that one passed me by but I am on the alert just in case. E and I were expecting the delivery of our new garden furniture in Monday morning. We had waited almost two weeks since we purchased it. Now the weather is improving we might get the chance to use it.

Shirley Anne

Changed my mind

Feel the Pain
Feel the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mentioned in an earlier post that the next time I would do any further work on our top room project would be Saturday. I had been working at an electrical job on Friday morning and in the afternoon I really didn’t feel like doing any more work of any kind anyway. I was feeling a little ‘out of sorts’ as they say and that niggling pain in my lumbar region didn’t help. I dragged myself upstairs to bed earlier than usual and it wasn’t too long before I was asleep. I woke up several times during the night though only to visit the toilet. I finally got out of bed around ten o’clock and felt reasonably better though the pain hadn’t gone from my back. That was enough to force me into submission and forget any ideas of work and I didn’t much feel like it anyway. I had missed breakfast and by noon was quite hungry so I prepared an early lunch. E was going out to her group’s monthly get-together in the afternoon and joined me at the table when I was almost finished with my meal. By the time she had left the house at one o’clock the weather had brightened somewhat and the sun was shining. I decided to sit out on the patio with a book for a time and then decided to dig out one of the recliners stored in the garage and hose it down before taking it onto the patio where I lay for a time on it. I could feel the warming sun’s rays on my aching back and slowly my pain was eased. Eventually though the clouds drifted in again and I returned indoors.

Line-ups for the 1990 FA Cup Final between Cry...
Line-ups for the 1990 FA Cup Final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United at Wembley Stadium, London, on 12 May 1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday was the date set for the Football Association annual Cup Final game and this year featured Manchester United and Crystal Palace competing for the trophy. They met in 1990 competing for the same trophy. That time Manchester United won. I would be watching it on tv. as I usually do each year irrespective of which teams are playing. I could relax for a couple of hours and enjoy the match.

Shirley Anne

Assurance in a lost world

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Saviour all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels, descending, bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

Perfect submission, all is at rest,
I in my Saviour am happy and blest,
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

Frances J Crosby 1873


I find myself doing this every day. This could be your story too, just come to Jesus as you are and know the eternal love of God….

Shirley Anne

Where did it go?

indexFrom about Wednesday evening I have been suffering with a muscular back pain in the lower Lumbar region or more precisely the buttocks. At worse it makes standing from a sitting position awkward and a little painful and at best doesn’t really affect activity. It is more a nuisance than anything else but I know that if I don’t rest the muscles it will only prolong the agony so I have been doing my best to do just that. At the same time I have been doing some work on our current project though I don’t consider painting to be strenuous. Nevertheless I have been taking it easy. I had an electrical job to do on Friday morning which entailed checking a reported fault on a power outlet which turned out to be a faulty grinding machine plugged into the circuit. I had to then rewire a couple of lighting switches that had been reconnected incorrectly by the owner of the house after he had removed them during redecoration. None of the work was strenuous and in fact I remained in a standing position whilst I corrected it. One thing I did find wrong was the wiring and installation itself which had been last rewired back in 1938! The place wanted a complete rewire. Wooden fixing boxes for the light switches are a potential fire risk and that is what I found behind the switches. I could only make it as safe as was possible but at least the switching now works properly. After I had done the electrical work the guy got out his electric guitar and amplifier to check the power outlet was still working. He and I and his wife had been enjoying a little bit of banter whilst I was doing the work and during the conversation I learned that he had dabbled at playing the guitar back in the 1960’s and had been in a couple of local bands. He admitted that they weren’t that good and could only play a few songs. He gave up playing after a short time and had only recently taken up playing again. He is three years younger than myself and would have been in his late teens in the mid-sixties. I mentioned that I play an acoustic guitar and he invited me to try his electric one. This is my acoustic Fender guitar….Fender CapistranoI played a few songs and then asked if I could hear him play. He was reluctant as he didn’t think he could play well. Nevertheless he did play something and he wasn’t as bad as he said he was. I asked jokingly if his wife played the drums so that we could jam together! Alas she didn’t but she was the type of person who would give it a go! I drove home but I had no intentions doing any work at home for the rest of the day, I wanted a rest. I wanted not only a rest to ease my aches and pains and allow my muscles to recuperate but I wanted a rest from work. I have been doing a lot of that lately and there is still more in the pipeline to do. Anyway the remainder of Friday just seemed to have passed without notice and I looked back and wondered where the time had gone. One nice highlight of the day was receiving a telephone call from my friend in the US, G, who calls me quite often for a chat. Mind you, she does most of the talking. She was bringing me up to date on events in her life, her recent move to an apartment with her boyfriend and well, girly things. I love G.

Shirley Anne

End in sight?

The top room project was always going to be quicker to accomplish as for one the room is relatively small compared to the other rooms we have refurbished. Even so it measures 5 by 3.5 metres at floor level and although the ceiling slopes it is high. At its lowest point where it meets the wall it is still more than 2 metres from the floor and even if the fitted furniture (worktops) were not there it would be difficult to hit it with your head. As small rooms go therefore it is quite large. Its twin room backs onto it (to the right in the first picture). Apart from removing the shelving that was beneath the worktop most of the work would simply be decorating. The door and a small part of the frame require minor repairs and the door lock requires attention, either servicing it or replacing it depending on what I find when I remove it. It is a little stiff to operate at the moment. The door handles need replacing and the curtain pole re-fixing too. I may replace the existing fluorescent light with an LED version later. We are undecided yet as to what colour carpet to lay and this time we will need to purchase carpet underlay too. The other rooms had good quality and undamaged underlay so we only had to replace the carpets but this room had been fitted (by the previous owner of the house) with a cheap carpet/underlay combination which perished. Well it had been on the floor for at least thirty years. Plenty of time to buy a new carpet yet. I worked in the room alone on Thursday as E hadn’t felt up to it but I only spent three hours in there. Top room 8

Top room 7

I applied a top coat of gloss paint to all the wood surfaces apart from the door and left it to dry. That would take 24 hours. However, gloss paint takes a few days to dry to a hard finish depending on the conditions. It would probably be Saturday before you would find me working in the room again as I had electrical work to do on Friday.

Shirley Anne