Could be better

I woke up well enough but as the day wore on I became more and more listless and tired. It was Thursday and as I had nothing scheduled except for one job and that was to simply install a replacement oven for someone. I had to wait for the call to let me know the oven had been delivered so I thought I could simply rest at home for a while. I got the call late morning and was back home for lunch. E in the meantime had gone out shopping. Later in the afternoon I got another call and went to do that work. By the time I had returned home I was feeling really tired indeed but it wasn’t the work, it was I thought a cold judging by the way I was feeling. I needed rejuvenating!

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(The Rejuvenation Cure, 1525, (1949). A print from 1525 showing the oven which transformed women into beautiful young girls. From A Smile Among Friends. [Alb. Cammermeyers Forlag, Norway, 1949] Artist: Unknown)

The weather hadn’t helped for it had been wet and dull most of the day and it was cold. The calls kept coming in the evening though most of them I rejected. It meant though that I had work on Friday morning and I was hoping I would be feeling better by then. I had to arise early anyway as we were expecting the delivery of a new mattress for the small bedroom any time after seven o’clock (it arrived at ten) and Friday is the day for waste collection so the bins had to be taken out. We don’t leave the bins out all night because of others disposing their rubbish in them. That I don’t mind but when they put the wrong waste in them, that I don’t like. There has been a spate of fly tipping over the last couple of months at the top end of our road and our local council don’t appear to have made an effort to catch the people responsible. We have had indiscriminate waste disposal in our own bins once or twice. I don’t mind getting up early to put the bins out and some weeks we don’t put any bins out because there is little in them. Anyway the weekend beckoned and I was hoping things would get better. It did.

Shirley Anne